Qualifying Adjectives

Qualifying adjectives (in French: les adjectifs qualificatifs) modify the noun they refer to.

They are sometimes called "describing words" and can be used directly next to the noun they are describing or can be separated by a verb such as: to be, to look or to feel.


1. She is a clever girl.

2. This girl is clever.

In English, when an adjective is not separated by a verb, it always follows the noun. However, in French, although most adjective follow the noun, they can sometimes be placed before it.

1. Adjectives which follow the noun:


  1. Elle porte une robe bleue. She is wearing a blue dress.

  2. Cela fait partie de la culture française. It is part of French culture.

  3. C'est un sport fatigant. It is a tiring sport.

2. Adjectives which normally precede the noun:


  1. C'est ma première voiture. It is my first car.

  2. Tu as une bonne idée. You have a good idea.

  3. J'habite dans un petit village. I live in a small village.

Note: Below is a mnemonic for you to remember these types of adjectives

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